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An inclusive community for the 200,000+ self-employed and freelance workers from all areas of theatre, opera, dance and live performance, who make up 70% of the UK theatre workforce.


A campaign to raise awareness of the vital role of freelancers in the theatre industry.

A platform to collect the opinions and concerns of the freelance theatre workforce with the commitment to express them to theatre managements, production companies, industry bodies and government.

A central resource of information for the freelance theatre workforce that welcomes contributions from organisations and individuals to share the conversations going on behind closed doors.


Feed into the conversation with your suggestions and concerns about the UK theatre industry.

These will form the content of open letters to artistic directors, production companies and industry bodies

Write a letter to your MP.  We have sent an Open Letter to the Government - now you can help by lobbying your local MP to represent the needs of theatre freelancers to Parliament.

Join the social media campaign to draw the public’s attention to the huge variety of theatre workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help build this resource  by sharing information about relevant groups and organisations. We need to join up.


We aim to encourage more transparent and inclusive conversations within the theatre industry by listening to and articulating theatre freelancers' needs to theatre managements, production companies, industry bodies and government.


Join the mailing list  sign up for our newsletter


Feed into the conversation with your suggestions and concerns about the UK theatre industry.  These will form the content of an open letter to artistic directors and production companies.

Help build this resource by sharing information about relevant groups and organisations coming together in this time.

It is important to voice our concerns to Government asking them to: 

  • Extend support for freelance theatre workers until we are able to return to work safely.

  • Provide a new strand of support for freelancers who have fallen between the cracks of existing SEISS and furlough schemes.(including: the newly self-employed; PAYE freelancers; small limited company directors paid in dividends or paid by PAYE annually; self-employed with over 50k profit or more than 16k savings);

  • Ensure that freelancers have a seat in all government discussions about the arts.

Find your MP here
Letter template

Download the letter template or write your own.    

Let's show the world what we do.

  • Take a picture of yourself holding a sign like this:


[insert your job title]


  • Post it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag   #FreelancersMakeTheatreWork

  • Encourage your networks, colleagues and peers to join the campaign.  This is for everyone.

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